Hi, my name is Vanessa Vun.
I'm a Web Developer living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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In the 8+ years as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, despite automation in the laboratory, I noticed there are still inefficient workflows due to manual tracking using excel or paper to keep track of issues. I was inspired to develop after using an online dashboard with live sample management and its ability to control robots and automated instruments at a biotech laboratory. This experience dove me back to my middle school love for computer science and technology. I enjoy problem solving through code way more than running laboratory tests.

As a React frontend developer with a background in management and a LEAN mindset, I strive to continually learn and create websiters and applications to make a positive impact in people's lives.

I am a weightlifting rock climber, a casual kpop dancer, and a kdrama marathoner during my time for hobbies.

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Biotech Lab Kanban Board

This proof of concept is built with React, serving as a dynamic kanban board to keep track of sample batches.

Problem: a biotech laboratory keeps track of their sample batches using a whiteboard and sticky notes.

Solution: this kanban board serves as a visual presentation of batches running through the laboratory. It has countdown timing of batches as if they're running on the instruments. When batches are done, they are ready to do the next step. The laboratory technologist will start the instrument and also the batch card in the kanban board.

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Smart Brain

At the front end, this is built with React with an integrated Face Detection API by Clarifai and moving background (Particles). For registration and login page functionality and photo entry tracker, the back end is built with PostgreSQL and Express. Originally deployed via Heroku but now re-deployed at Render.com. I published a Medium article here on how to deploy on Render.

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Laboratory Dashboard

The Laboratory Dashboard is built using React and Tailwind.

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