Hi, my name is Vanessa Vun
I'm a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and a Developer with experience in the biotech and healthcare industry.

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In the 8+ years as a Clinical Lab Scientist (CLS) in healthcare/biotech, I notice inefficient workflows due to manual patient sample tracking using whiteboards, printouts or data entry using excel.

I was inspired to learn software development after using an online dashboard that keeps a live track of patient samples and their status in the laboratory workflow which streamlines the process of sample monitoring and analysis. This tool also controls robots and laboratory analyzers which is pretty cool.

My developer goal is to create applications or tools to improve processes with a LEAN mindset in any workspace to save time and money from inefficient manual processes.

I am a weightlifting rock climber, a casual kpop dancer, and a kdrama marathoner during my time for hobbies.

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Built with React for a profile of robots with generated user info from an API and randomly generated robot pictures from Robohash.org.

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Smart Brain

At the front end, this is built with React with an integrated Face Detection API and moving background (Particles). For registration and login page functionality and photo entry tracker, the back end is built with Postgres database and Express. Deployed using Heroku.

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Front End Code Back End Code

Laboratory Dashboard

The Laboratory Dashboard is built using React and Tailwind.

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